We have a Functional OPD Unit with the following instruments
  • >  Slit lamp bio-microscope for the basic examination of the eye.
  • >  Direct ophthalmoscope for the retinal examination
  • >  Streak Retinoscope for the refraction purpose
  • >  Refraction set with trial frame & illuminated near vision chart for refractive correction
  • >  Schiotz tonometer for measurement of intraocular pressure etc.
Besides this, we are also serving the following facilities at our eye department
  • >  Removal of corneal and/or conjunctival foreign bodies
  • >  Syringing of lacrimal sac for diagnosis of lacrimal sac abnormalities
  • >  Measurements of intra ocular pressure by Schiotz tonometer for diagnosis of glucoma
  • >  Incision & curratage of chalazion
  • >  Diagnosis & aggressive management of corneal ulcer and abscess

  • (We also had a full facility of Gram & KOH stain of corneal abscess with microbiological culture & sensitivity)
  • >  Management of chemical injuries to eye.
  • >  Diagnosis & management of various corneal abnormalities such as
    • •  Corneal degenerations
    • •  Corneal dystrophies
    • •  Corneal ectasia etc
  • We are also running a retina clinic for diabetic & hypertensive retinopathy checkup once a week Lastly, we are very happy to say that, in near future we are in process to start indoor facilities & operative facilities at our hospital