A system of tokens was introduced for all OPDs, so as to prevent over crowding and chaos in the OPD waiting area. After getting case paper patient goes to specific OPD, where a token number is given to the patient and then patients wait for their turn at ease in the waiting room chairs. At the entrance of the OPD, there is a Token display system. Patient whose turn is displayed goes inside the OPD to get examined

A pictorial booklet in local language was developed for standard processes for maintenance of cleanliness, hygiene and BMW disposal. This booklet was given to the all hospital staff for their ready reference.

A play room was developed in pediatric ward to create a friendly atmosphere and for the entertainment of admitted children.

Central drug store was organized on the bases of software. Dispatch of drugs and consumables were arranged in such a way that fast moving drugs were identified so that there is no stock out. Drugs are stored in the store on the shelves close by a sliding glass door, arranged in alphabetic order, so that drugs can be easily located. Drugs nearing expiry are kept at the front. Layout of numbering of these shelves and list of drugs in each shelf is displayed properly. The result is smooth dispatch to the wards, no stock out, no emergency purchase, no drugs expiry.
All instruments of the hospital were calibrated so as to provide standard quality care

Sanitary Pad Infection control Practices in every Female Toilets

Cleaning Zone at every place

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