PKG Rajkot was felicitated as a Kayakalp winner 2016-17 for achieving first place in District Hospital category; by Shree J.P Nadda Hon’ble Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare on 15-2-2017.
The Hospital is awarded for promoting cleanliness, hygiene and infection control practices. The Hospital has shown exemplary performance in adhering to standard protocols of cleanliness and infection control.
Experiences of Implementing Kayakalp
It was a long journey of nearly 5 years starting with 5S in QIP up to achieving Kayakalp Award in 2016 as well as in 2017.
As the word itself describes, we actually had overall ‘rejuvenation’ of the hospital. It was like a wake-up call that prompted the hospital to renew an emphasis on quality improvement by promoting cleanliness, hygiene and Infection Control Practices.
Change does not happen easily therefore we also suffered resistance to change in culture and specific protocols from physicians and nurses; we had structural boundations to make or maintain quality-related investments; and complacency with past improvements. But we moved forward with positive results; we kept our staff involved in problem identification and problem-solving, valuing everyone’s experiences and encouraging as well expecting all to participate; which helped a lot
Finally; we achieved and experiencing such positive results served as motivation to hospital staff to expand their efforts, thus turning the above sequence into a self-sustaining cycle.
Objectives of Kayakalp
To promote cleanliness, hygiene and Infection Control Practices.
To incentivize public healthcare facilities that show exemplary performance in cleanliness and infection control.
To inculcate a culture of ongoing assessment to sustain the same.
Activities under Kayakalp
Standard treatment guidelines and SOPs were developed and were given to all departments.
Various Audits like prescription, Death, Clinical Audits etc were conducted regularly. Action taken based on the reports of these audits.
Multiple trainings were conducted for BMW management, disaster management, fire safety, infection control, cleanliness drive and skill development .
Signages & IEC boards were displayed throughout the hospital
Dustbins were put at every place to maintain cleanliness.
All the toilets were equipped with proper signage, soap dish and sanitary napkins bins(in female toilets)
Colour coded bed sheets were introduced for every ward like Maroon in Labour ward, Navy blue in Surgical ward, Royal blue in Medical ward, Sky blue in Emergency ward, Grey in Paediatric ward & Dark green in Dialysis
Colour coded dress code for SNCU & Labour room
Kayakalp and quality committee did internal assessment of hospital under the chairmanship of Superintendent of hospital.
Peer assessment was done by another District Hospital team
External assessment was done by state level team.
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