Name: Dr.Sandipkumar Vachhani
Designation Otorhinolaryngologist
We offer services for both outpatient and inpatient for various ENT diseases
Apart from routine ENT checkup we have following facilities to name few:
  • •  Microscopic examination of ear
  • •  Endoscopic examination of nose
  • •  Telescopic evaluation of larynx to roll out various pathology
  • •  EAR: major surgeries for ear like tympenoplasty, stapedotomy, mastoidectomy etc
  • •  Nose: various nasal surgeries like endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty
  • •  Throat: Tonsilecty adenoid resectiation, microlaryngyl surgery and various endoscopy
  • •  Neck: parotid and other salivary gland surgery, thyroid surgery
  • •  Screening and diagnostic facilities for oral and other and neck carcinoma
  • •  Hearing evaluation by ear check up and Audiometry
  • •  Speech Therapy